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newLight FS64 Tilt Optical Sensor for Measuring Small Angle Variations

Based on the newLight optical sensor line, the FS64 tilt sensor is a ruggedized Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) inclinometer designed to measure very small angle variations towards the vertical. The sensor uses two FBGs in a push-pull configuration for effective temperature compensation.

It can be used in a large range of monitoring applications such as sustaining walls, bridge piles, tunnels, or buildings. The measurement of tilt in different directions is possible with the use of multiple sensors.

Robust and reusable

  • Ruggedized packing and electrical passiveness make it suited for potentially explosive atmospheres, high voltage areas, and intense electromagnetic fields

Effective even under aggressive environments and adverse conditions such as humidity and salt


  • Effective temperature cross-effect compensation (<3milideg/ºC) by the employment of two FBGs in a push-pull configuration

Fitted for long-term measurements with temperature changes


  • Stress-free connection with other FBG-based transducers and compatibility with most optical interrogators

Cost-effective shared equipment and simpler sensing networks

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  • To be installed on vertical surfaces
  • +/-5 degree angle measurements
  • Less than 3 millidegree/ºC temperature induced error
  • Combine with more sensors for biaxial measurements

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