Webinar: How to Create Your Own Weighing-Application Webinar: How to Create Your Own Weighing-Application | HBM

How to Create Your Own Weighing-Application Using the Open Source WTX API

This webinar was held on:

 Wednesday, November 20, 2019      14:00 CET       English

While today’s weighing indicators come with powerful functions and connectivity, it is often quite hard to implement those functions into sophisticated software of scale builders and OEMs. However, with the raise of internet of things this implementation is key not only to deliver great scale performance but also to accumule component data and analysing it in the ERP. 

The fully open source WTX API provides a perfect solution for those needs: With only a few steps it is possible to implement even complex functions within your own programs. In this webinar we will give an overview about the capability and requirements, step by step create a simple weighing application using this API and later use this new application to connect to a weighing Indicator in our network via WiFi.

  • Overview – connectivity of a state of the art weighing electronic. Where does the API come in?
  • Examples of what you can do using this API – From shell commands to a easy to use graphical interface
  • Overview of the functions you can access
  • Practical examples: Which problems did customers already solve using our API?


Thomas Langer

International Product Manager for Weighing Technology and OEM Sensors


[email protected]