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Let's ask... Naira!

Naira Costa is our newest trainer at the HBK Academy. She studied mathematics and has an engineering background with an MSc in operational modal analysis from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics, Brazil. Following six years of working as a sound and vibration application engineer, making measurements on helicopters, rockets, and components in Sao Paulo, she moved to our headquarters in Denmark in the summer of 2021. She will focus on developing training for internal and external customers. And, in her private life she is a very good and passionate Forró dancer.

4 Questions for Naira:

Why did you move from our office in Sao Paolo to our headquarters in Denmark?

I love applied mathematics and especially operational modal analysis (OMA). HBK offers a lot of opportunities in this field and being based at headquarters allows me to be close to product management, development, and production.  

And why did you decide for the trainer position in our Academy?

I understand how important training is for professional qualification and for our sales people, and I believe that as trainer I can share knowledge from my experience as an application engineer, inspire and be part of their continuous learning efforts.

What is your favourite topic at the Academy and why?

Structural dynamics. More specifically, OMA – it is my favourite topic. It’s amazing to be able to understand and modify the complete structure behaviour from natural frequencies, mode shapes and damping.

Final question: How would you define successful training?

Good training provides participants with an experience, increases their knowledge of a specific topic and encourages technical discussions afterwards.


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