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Evelyne Lösch was first trained as an electrical technician and then studied electrical engineering. Then she worked in technical sales for 19 years. She has been a trainer at the Academy for over seven years, teaching mainly in the areas of fiber optic sensors, data acquisition software perception, eDrive tests, fundamentals of electronics, measurement uncertainty, and electrical strain gauges. In her free time, she enjoys water boats such as sailing or driving motor boats and also competes as a paddler in the HBM dragon boat races.

4 Questions for Evelyne:

How did you end up at the Academy?

After almost 20 years in technical sales, I wanted more technology and less sales. At the same time, I wanted to work more with people. The position with the Academy was just perfect for that. What's nice is: I don’t have to sell anything anymore.

What was your best Academy experience?

There isn’t a single one. I think every seminar is exciting: You never know how it is going to go ahead of time. The challenge is to adapt to the group. A very unique dynamic is created every time. Being able to help the participants with something concrete is a wonderful feeling!

How would you describe your training style?

No lecturing up front. I like to show things and adapt to the group. The participants can try things out for themselves.

Final question: Is it essential for measurement technology to be fun?

Measurement technology doesn’t have to be fun, but it is nice when seminar participants enjoy it. The goal of the seminar is to make participants confident enough in their abilities to perform measurement tasks that they can enjoy their work – rather than just seeing insurmountable hurdles.


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