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Dr. Henrik Butlach is Head of the HBK Academy in Germany and has been a trainer at the Academy since 2013. He focuses on strain gauges, stress analysis, transducers, data acquisition, and industrial measuring amplifiers. He earned his doctorate in physics at Osnabrück University and then worked there as a postdoc. In his free time, he likes to be out in nature.

4 Questions for Henrik:

How did you end up at HBM?

Physicists naturally tend to measure a lot and enjoy measuring. Not only that, but HBM is also a premium provider of measurement technology in the mechanical engineering development departments. So that made the decision very easy. ​

And why the Academy?

Strictly speaking, safety is a dry topic. I like variety and seek out human contact. I have always liked to share knowledge: By tutoring school children when I was younger and later by assisting university students, graduate students, and doctoral students. Customers also come to the Academy quite often with very exciting questions. So the trainer role fit like a glove.

Do you have an Academy experience that you are especially fond of?

There are a lot of wonderful experiences. Customized seminars when I had an “aha moment” are especially memorable to me. There are so many crazy applications. I always learn something new and that’s great.

Final question: Is it essential for measurement technology to be fun?

Obviously! Yes. 


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