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Thomas Hesse was first trained as an industrial electrician and then studied electrical engineering. He has been with HBM for over 30 years and has worked at the Academy for over 10 years. His areas of emphasis at the Academy are torque measurement, force measurement, measurement uncertainty, strain gauges, data acquisition software, and data collection systems as well as customer-specific seminars. Before becoming a trainer at the Academy, he worked in field sales and technical support at HBM. Thomas is an amateur cook and lover of Italian cuisine.

4 Questions for Thomas:

How did you end up at HBM?​

I came across the company while studying electrical engineering. It was always obvious to me that I wanted to work in sales after graduation and work with people. HBM had a position open at just the right time. I figured I would see what it's like and maybe stay a few years, then investigate other options. The range of products, the customers, and also the duties were so interesting that I stayed. ​

You moved from sales to the Academy?​

Exactly, when the Academy was founded, I was asked right away if I would like to work there. I enjoy conveying knowledge to people – so I said yes. ​

Which technologies are you most excited about in the world of measurement technology?​

Torque is and remains the most fascinating measurement quantity – and a torque sensor is like the Mercedes of measurement technology. I get really excited about that.

Final question: Is it essential for measurement technology to be fun?

No, it doesn’t have to be. Measurement is not an end in and of itself, like a visit to the movie theater or race car driving. Measurement is a pure necessity in order to obtain information. The goal is to perform this necessary task as simply and securely as possible to deliver optimal, high-quality results. 


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