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Electric Power Testing - Case Studies: Real Stories of Organizations Around the World Trusting in eDrive Solutions by HBM

Case Studies on Electric Power Testing

Case Study: Testing Drive Systems of Trains

Alstom Charleroi tests traction systems and auxiliary converters to simulate the train operating under real conditions. This requires precise test bench equipment that provides reliable data, allows for fast integration and is easy to work with. They now uses HBM’s eDrive solution (Genesis HighSpeed data acquisition system along with the Perception software), which quickly and reliably processes large amounts of data. Using a freely programmable interface, Perception exchanges measured data with LabView software, which controls the individual test-bench components and the automated test processes.

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Case Study: Highly Efficient Test Bench For e-Motors

Together with HBM, Schabmüller has developed a new test-bench for a new type of drive and benefits from precise and cycle-accurate testing equipment.

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Case Study: Testing of Electric and Hybrid Drives

HBM provides DAQ systems for GreenMot, a French company testing electric and hybrid vehicles

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Case Study: More Efficient Electric Motors With Raw Data

More efficient electric motors through accurate analysis of the drive using raw data with HBM eDrive system

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Case Study: Multiple Loads in One Automated Test Bench

Cables on electrical charging stations must withstand a variety of loads, yet work reliably over a long period of time. HUBER + SUHNER, the world leader in interconnect technology, uses state-of-the-art automated test rigs with robots to test its cables, able to appraise a wide variety of load cases. The complete measuring chain from HBM is used for acquiring the necessary measurement data with large data volumes and high precision requirements.

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