High-Performance Optical Fiber Sensors

HBM FiberSensing offers two lines of optical strain gauges and sensors based on Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG) technology:

  • The FS Line includes strain sensors in different formats and is most suited for large sensing networks. This line ensures connectivity along several kilometers of fiber without compromising the sensors signals.
  • The OP Line comprises strain sensors for high strain applications due to their outstanding resistance. With intrinsic bending capability, the strain gauges from the OP Line are available as linear gauges or strain rosettes

More Optical Solutions from the FS Line

Adding to the optical strain sensors, the FS Line also includes other types of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors for measuring temperature, tilt, and acceleration in a wide range of applications.

Optical Interrogators

To complete the system, the company has available measuring devices (data acquisition systems) prepared to read Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors.

Optical Accessories

HBM offers a wide range of accessories for optical measurement technology.

The Best of Both Worlds ...Only with HBM

  • Simultaneous data acquisition of electrical and optical strain gauges.
  • Combined data analysis from both types of sensors in HBM's catman software.

Your Benefits with FBG Technology

Reduce installation costs

  • Reduced wiring since a single fiber can handle multiple optical sensors.
  • Individually adapted and configured measurement chain to suit your requirements.

Precise results even in difficult environments

  • For stress and fatigue tests even in materials with high levels of strain, and with high numbers of load cycles.
  • Accurate test results in adverse ambient conditions, e.g. high-voltage systems.

Reliable data even on long-distance transmissions

  • Virtually no effects of distance and cable length on the test results.
  • High-quality results even if the DAQ system is located hundreds of yards from the measuring points.

Small sensor size and weight

  • Easy installation in remote sites and spots that are difficult to access.
  • Available in different types of packaging to address a wide range of applications, such as in laboratory, concrete and outdoors.
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