ClipX – The Precise and Easy-to-Integrate Industrial Signal Conditioner

With an accuracy class of 0.01 and an integrated calibration certificate, the interference-proof signal conditioner ClipX is setting new standards in industrial process control. ClipX adapts to your measurement task, regardless of whether it is used with single- or multiple-channel applications, in manufacturing machines, in test benches or for production monitoring. Owing to the Plug and Play principle, up to six devices can be plugged simultaneously in a modular setup and the measured data can be pre-calculated. Unlike conventional measuring signal conditioners, ClipX does not require a separate head module for direct data processing.

ClipX provides all the latest automation interfaces to perfectly integrate the device into comprehensive control concepts. A particular feature is the intuitive web interface that also enables remote operation, parameterization, and diagnosis.

  • Accuracy class: 0.01
  • Measurement inputs: Full-bridge and half-bridge strain gauges, piezoresistive transducer, potentiometer, Pt100, current, and voltage
  • Interfaces: PROFINET, EtherCAT®,PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP™*, analog (V/mA,) digital-I/O, and Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): Remote diagnosis, health monitoring and web integration; integrated OPC-UA server (available from version 3.0)

ClipX explained in 90 seconds!

Watch the video and get to know ClipX, the next-generation signal conditioner!



First steps with ClipX!

In this video you will learn how to quickly set up and parameterize ClipX!

Precise and interference-proof

  • Fast and digital signal conditioning for force sensors, load cells, torque sensors, pressure transducers, as well as temperature and standardized signals (current/voltage)
  • Guaranteed measurement accuracy, even in harsh industrial environments with electrical interferences
  • Full traceability owing to EN10204-compliant calibration records that are directly stored in the device
  • In combination with the SD01A Zener barrier , sensors can also be operated as intrinsically safe devices in potentially explosive atmospheres, measurement circuit type (Ex II (1) GD, [EEx ia]IIC).

Reliable results and trustworthy acquisition of mechanical and electrical quantities in industrial environments

Faster industrial processes

  • A high sample rate and high bandwidth facilitate for easy use in automation environments
  • Quick setup and diagnosis using the display on the device and the intuitive web interface
  • Full support of TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) 
  • ClipX-bus allows transmission and computation of measured values between up to 6 devices
  • Interfaces: PROFINET, EtherCAT®, PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP™, analog (V/mA,) digital-I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Integrated OPC-UA server (available from version 3.0)

Easy setup with integrated web interface, time- and cost-saving remote diagnosis, and automated channel parameterization of the measurement chain (TEDS) or the integrated Adjustment Assistant that guides the user step by step 

Efficient and profitable

  • Individual system setup and compact design
  • Easy and safe assembly without tools
  • Transmission of measured values in millisecond intervals using the ClipX-bus 
  • Mathematical and technological calculation channels (Smart Functions) allow signal conditioning/analysis and easy parameterization
  • Individually configurable input/output signals and fieldbus interfaces
  • All the device settings can be individually configured via the Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces and the internal object directory
  • Open to integration with many other software programs: LabVIEW, Visual Studio .NET under Windows as well as Linux

Unbeatable price-to-performance ratio and a future-proof investment because of the open automation standards

Digital and Analog Measurement Chains from a Single Supplier

HBM develops and produces perfectly matched sensors and measurement modules, that, when combined, provide precise and dependable measurement results without system discontinuities. The certification in compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001, and the accredited HBM calibration laboratory (DAkkS) ensures that the quality of the measurement chains is traceable in compliance with ISO 17025.

Download the calibration certificate for your ClipX module here. It goes without saying that all the measurement chains can easily be integrated into overall control systems, owing to cutting-edge digital and analog automation interfaces.

Intuitive Web Interface

ClipX comes with an innovative and intuitive web interface and is immediately operational without any software installation or training.

  • It can be used on all browser-based devices (and also mobile devices)
  • Touchscreen control with three-level user administration
  • Remote maintenance via a company network or the Internet 
  • The web interface can be used on mobile devices using a WiFi router
  • Multilingual user interface with integrated help

Watch a live demo

Individual System Setup

ClipX allows for the synchronization of both individual measurement chains and systems in milliseconds – optionally with a simultaneous PC or fieldbus connection.

  • Measured values including their status (diagnosis) are transmitted via the ClipX bus
  • No head module is required, which reduces costs
  • Direct processing of all signals such as summation, peak values, or controls
  • The multi-client capability enables all interfaces to be used in parallel and in real time
  • Digital inputs and outputs can perform fast control and monitoring tasks (e.g. alarms)

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

ClipX already meets the requirements of the future IIoT.

  • Easy amplifier parameterization via TEDS or the smart Adjustment Assistant
  • Smart devices owing to Smart Functions (diagnosis and analysis)
  • Non-interacting, parallel operation of the PLC, the system PC, and the service interfaces
  • High forward-compatibility and investment security due to flexible automation interfaces and data logging to the Cloud (OPC-UA protocol on request)

Choose Your ClipX Module

BM40 module

with analog output, (V/mA,) digital-I/O and Ethernet (TCP/IP) interface


BM40PB module

with analog output, (V/mA,) digital-I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP), and Profibus (DPV1) interface


BM40IE module

with analog output, (V/mA,) digital-I/O, Ethernet (TCP/IP), PROFINET, EtherCAT® and Ethernet/IP™


ClipX accessories:

The ClipX measurement signal conditioner comes with the following free accessories:

  • ePLAN macros available for free download
  • 3D model (STEP files)

Download the free HBM Web Launcher app (Android only) to easily find and connect your ClipX device to Wi-Fi networks!

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Download the CAD step files for this product
ClipX CAD step files

ClipX Product Literature

Title / DescriptionLanguage
Data Sheets
CAD Step Files

STEP-file 3D-model for CAE

Operating Manuals
English, German
Quick Start Guides
English, German
Declaration of Conformity
Device Descriptions

ClipX device description for Ethernet/IP.

Date: 09/2018  |  Size: 4 KB


ClipX device description files for Profibus (DPV1)

Date: 03/2018  |  Size: 2 KB


ClipX device description files for ProfiNet RT and IRT.

Date: 06/2018  |  Size: 28 KB
Related Documents:


ClipX device description file for EtherCat.

Date: 03/2018  |  Size: 3 KB


Archive including all current files for firmware and ClipX WebServer.

To update firmware and WebServer the existing WebServer in the ClipX can be used (no additional software or hardware needed).

Date: 10/2018  |  Version: 1.20  |  Size: 3 MB
Related Documents:


Macro-project containing CAE data for ePLAN Electric P8.

Date: 01/2018  |  Size: 22 MB


This example considers a simple tool for data-viewing and CSV-data-storage for ClipX.

It is available as EXE-file and source-code under dotNET.
Legal notice: The example given is intended to illustrate the integration of ClipX via Ethernet(TCP/IP) into a PC-application.

This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 12/2018  |  Version: 1.2  |  Size: 11 MB


This example considers a simple example for data-viewing and setup for ClipX.

It is available as It is available as EXE-file and source-code for DELPHI XE7.

Legal notice: The example given is intended to illustrate the integration of ClipX via Ethernet(TCP/IP) into a DELPHI-application.

This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.


Date: 12/2018  |  Version: 1.0  |  Size: 4 MB


This example considers a simple example for data-viewing and data-storage for ClipX.

It is available as executable-file and source-code for LabView 2018.

Legal notice: The example given is intended to illustrate the integration of ClipX via Ethernet(TCP/IP) into a LabView-application.

This example does not imply any warranty or guarantee.

Date: 12/2018  |  Version: 1.2  |  Size: 176 MB


Java tool for finding HBM devices in Ethernet-networks even with non-configured network-settings. Unzip and copy the file to the PC and run it. All HBM devices will be shown in the network. Right mouse-click opens a menu to read and setup the device network-settings. Note: Java has to be installed on the PC.

Date: 03/2018  |  Size: 270 KB

Tech Notes

This is a collection of technical application reports for typical requirements around ClipX.

They show a step-by-step solution up to the running project in ClipX.

Available languages: English

  • ClipX running direct and indirect force measurements
  • ClipX configuration with sensor adjustement-assistant
  • ClipX running IEPE- and piezoelectrical sensors
  • ClipX using Wireless-Technology (Wlan)
  • ClipX with calculated channels and ClipX-bus:
    • Result-(summing) signal with x,y-components
    • 6x6 Matrix compensation
    • PID-controller
    • Automatic-mean calculation (CW)
    • Event-counter
    • Mechanical-work calculation
    • Tolerance-windows
  • ClipX integration in an automation-network
    • ProfiNet (Isonchronus-Real-Time (IRT) with TIA-portal (Siemens)
    • Profibus with Simatic-Manager (Siemens)
    • EtherCat with TwinCAT (Beckhoff)
    • Ethernet/IP with SoMachine (Schneider)
    • OPC-UA with dataFEED (Softing)

Legal notice: The examples given are intended to illustrate the solution and integration into ClipX.

The examples do not imply any warranty or guarantee.

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