TEDS: Plug and Measure with an Electronic Data Sheet in the Transducer

TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet) allows you to just plug in and get started. The transducer characteristics required to set up the measurement chain are stored in theTEDS in the form of an electronic data sheet, which is read by the amplifier. This significantly simplifies the handling of sensors.

Just choose from off-the-shelf sensors, amplifiers, cables, and connectors and confirgure according to your needs.

The TEDS module can either be integrated in the sensor cable or in the transducer plug. 

Your measurement - your choice

Choose your sensor

  • TEDS in the sensor
  • TEDS in the transducer plug

Choose your amplifier

  • For example MGCplus, QuantumX

Combine and get started

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Conversion template containing the IEEE codes for TEDS of all HBM transducers.

Date: 02/2016
Size: 2 KB
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English, German
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