SG250: Covering Material from the Tube — Silicone Rubber

SG250 silicone rubber is a transparent, one-component covering material that protects strain-gauge installations. The product is solvent-free and cures in contact with air at room temperature.

It is recommended to use SG250 silicone rubber along with ABM75 aluminum foil and AK22 covering putty to achieve optimal measuring point protection in many applications.

SG250 covering material for strain gauges can be stored at room temperature for approximately 6 months.

  • SG250: Silicone rubber covering material for strain gauges stored in a tube
  • Temperature range: –50°C to 200 °C (–94°F to + 392°F).
  • Application from the tube

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  • 1-SG250: 1 tube with approximately 85 g. Sufficient for approximately 20 strain gauges*

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*The specified quantities are intended for reference only, since covering material consumption depends, among other things, on the size of the strain gauges that are used.

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