The PNRF Reader is an interface to get high level access to recorded Perception data, it can be used to write external programs that can read data files generated by Perception software in the Perception Native Recording File (PNRF) format.

The PNRF Reader SDK provides the tools needed to get data and information from a PNRF file therefore software components (DLL’s) will be installed. A user manual will be available for an introduction to the use of the software layer. HBM also organizes training sessions to learn how to use this PNRF reader.

All the trainings material can be downloaded from this web site - please click here

  • Functions: Read PNRF, NRF and LRF recording files directly in your own application.
  • COM Interface: The PNRF reader comes as COM interface and can be used from any application or programming language which supports COM automation.
  • PNRF Software Development Kit (SDK): Installs PNRF dll’s and supplies Visual Basic, C# and C++ getting started examples.
  • Matlab Integration: Matlab PNRF reader install and example available within the PNRF SDK
  • LabVIEW and DIAdem Integration: Available directly from National Instruments
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