Machine Measurement System Alerts Plant Engineers to Potential Problems For 6D Testing & Analysis


Unnoticed equipment problems within a North America factory had triggered what would turn out to be a catastrophic chain of events. Down the line, a seal failure has caused a key piece of equipment fail. Costs associated with repair and plant down-time were significant.


6D developed a non-contact monitoring system. Capturing physical measurements around-the-clock alerts plant engineers to changes that may result in failure.

  • Due to the strengths of HBM's catman Easy® software, the QuantumX® product line was chosen for the project because of its convenient compatibility with the software.
  • Six laser displacement sensors were installed without requiring modifications to the machinery.
  • Sensors were secured to the structure while electronic signal conditioning equipment was installed into an adjacent enclosure.
  • Internet connection provides plant personnel with remote visual access from various locations. Multiple elements may be selected to tailor visuals to the varying needs of personnel utilizing the system.

Today, data is being captured and recorded from six sensors with each saved file representing one week of collected data. On-board memory has a capacity to store thirty years of data files with the transition from saving a data file to starting a new one occurring automatically.

QuantumX CX22B

QuantumX MX1609KB

catman Easy


The Factory Monitoring Data Recorder system is providing the client with access to the most current and accurate machine operating data. With real-time 24/7 visibility, plant engineers are alerted to changing conditions and potential problems, allowing them to respond well in advance of trouble.

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