Seminar: The Basics of Strain Gauge Installation and Strain Gauge Measurement Technology

Course 1 in accordance with VDI/VDE/GESA 2636

This hands-on training enables you to professionally install strain gauges—a vital requirement for deriving conclusive measurements.

The seminar agenda is as follows: 

  • Strain gauge basics
  • Selection of strain gauge
  • Tools Required and Strain gauge materials
  • Strain Gauge Preparation
  • Strain gauge Protective covering.
  • Preparation of the specimen or measurement surface area
  • Compensating for temperature effects and other disturbance variables
  • The basics of strain gauge wiring (Wheatstone bridge circuit)
  • Balancing the measurement chain with strain gauges
  • Strain gauge connectivity with HBK Data Acquisition

You can take an examination to obtain a certificate as a strain gauge installation expert in accordance with VDI/VDE/GESA 2636 at the end of the seminar (included in the seminar price). 

Your HBM Academy Plus

The motto of the seminar is 'Practice, practice, and practice' some more! More than half the seminar time is reserved for practical training sessions. 

During the seminar, 

  • Target group: Users from all technical fields who would like to install their own strain gauges.
  • Prior knowledge: None required.

Target Group: Users from all technical fields who would like to install their own strain gauges.


  • Basics and mode of operation of strain gauges
  • Installing strain gauges: The steps to follow
  • Installing strain gauges using Z70 and X280 adhesives
  • Checking the installation performed on day 1
  • Installing strain gauges using hot-curing adhesives
  • Wiring strain gauges
  • Installing strain gauges using Z70 and X60 adhesives
  • Measuring strain at a bending beam, including a basic error assessment
  • Selecting components for strain gauge installation
  • Balancing measurement chains
  • Opportunity to take the examination in accordance with VDI/VDE/GESA 2636

Available Dates

March 17-18, 2022 (2 Days)

Event registration

Details for Seminars in India

Participation fee: ₹ 35,000 + applicable tax Or ₹50,000 +starter kit DAK1with applicable tax

Payment Details: Draft/Cheque/NEFT should be in the name of M/s. SPECTRIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. HSBC Account No. 042773499001 IFSC code: HSBC0600002, SWIFT CODE; HSBCINBBMDR

Day 1: From 9:30 until 17:30
Day 2: From 9:30 until 17:30