Seminar: Data Acquisition Systems—Setting the Parameters Correctly (DAQ)

  One Day Seminar      Various Locations      Level: Advanced

Did you know that the most serious measurement errors are caused by an unfavorable choice of measurement parameters? If parameters such as the sample rate and filter settings are not optimally adjusted, this often results in deviations in the two-digit percentage range – despite accurate measuring devices!

In this seminar, you will learn what the most important parameters are for measured data acquisition and how to select and adjust them correctly for the measurement task. The following specific aspects will be covered: 

  • Definitions of the following terms: signal frequency, sample frequency, and cut-off frequency
  • Signal shapes and their frequency bandwidths
  • Choosing the correct sample rates that match the signal shape and signal frequency
  • Preventing aliasing effects
  • Low-pass filters – their different characteristics and using them to meet the requirements of your measurement task
  • Data flow in modern data acquisition systems

Your HBM Academy Plus

Learning by classical explanations is complemented by hands-on experience. You will use half of the seminar time for practical implementation because hands-on experience—working independently and physically with what you have learned—is the only way to fully assimilate the information.  You will work out the most important parameters such as sample rate and cut-off frequencies for yourself at specially designed workstations.

Target Group:

Anyone who wants to acquire measured data digitally while preventing errors and being on the safe side. 

Prior Knowledge:

Basic familiarity with mechanics and electrical engineering desirable.

These skills can be acquired in the seminars Basic Technical Mechanics Knowledge and 

Basic principles of electrical engineering for non-electrical engineers.

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