Seminar: The Practical Way to Determine Measurement Uncertainty (MU)

The measured value you read becomes reliable only in combination with a correctly determined measurement uncertainty. 

In this seminar, you will learn all the necessary steps for evaluating and calculating a standardized statement of measurement uncertainty. 

The first and most challenging step consists of precisely analyzing the effects relevant to measurement uncertainty. These effects originate in the sensor system, the measuring amplifier and the measuring process itself. Once this is known, you will be able to calculate the measurement uncertainty correctly according to the relevant GUM guideline and state it accordingly. 

The topics are: 

  • Definition and meaning of measurement uncertainty
  • Determining the quantities that influence measurement uncertainty
  • Evaluating the influencing quantities
  • Method of calculating the measurement uncertainty
  • Standardized statement of the measurement uncertainty
  • Exercises and discussions based on real examples
  • Tips and tricks from practical experience for your practical applications

Your HBM Academy Plus

You will become familiar with "measurement uncertainty" based on real examples: from the most important influencing quantities to a suitable method of calculation. Our experienced trainers will present the topic to you, and you will develop a deep understanding of measurement uncertainty through the numerous practical exercises. 

In this seminar especially, dialog between the participants and the trainer is emphasized. 

Target Group:

Measurement engineers who plan and conduct measurements themselves and users who evaluate measurement results.

Prior Knowledge:

Basic familiarity with measurement technology is helpful.

Available Dates

No Seminars available.


Participation fee:

900 EUR (plus VAT)


  • Day 1: 9 am - 5 pm
  • Day 2: 9 am - 4 pm


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