Seminar: Strain Gauge Installation on Plastics and Fiber Composites (DK-F) / Advanced Seminar

  One Day Seminar      Various Locations      Level: Starter

The trend towards lightweight construction is stimulating the use of plastic materials and fiber composites. This leads to new challenges for the use of strain gauges.

Are you part of this user community? If so, we heartily recommend this advanced seminar dealing with strain gauge installation on plastic materials.


Focus of this seminar

  • Selecting components for installation on plastic materials and fiber composites
  • Surface preparation for strain gauge installation
  • Strain behavior and temperature response
  • Selecting strain gauges

Choosing adhesives and covering materials 

In the practical part you will install SGs on the following materials:

  • Acrylic glass (as an example of thermoplastics)
  • High-temperature plastic
  • Carbon fiber composite
  • Fiberglass composite
  • Printed circuit boards (FR-4)

Your HBM Academy Plus

We have developed this seminar as an advanced seminar and offer it in combination with our seminar "The Basics of Strain Gauge Installation and Strain Gauge Measurement Technology" (DK).

Target group:

Users from all technical fields who would like to reliably install strain gauge measuring points on plastic materials and fiber composites

Prior knowledge:     

Basics of strain gauge installation and strain gauge measurement technology

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