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Webinar: Challenges in Data Management for Structural Health Monitoring


The main challenge in structural health monitoring is the identification of critical situations and the extraction of the essential information needed for maintenance decisions or for the prediction of lifetimes.

This requires a flexible combination of continuous measurements and triggered faster recordings of more dynamic events. Trustworthy forecasts and decisions can only be achieved on the basis of reliable data generated from DAQ systems with high signal quality, long-term stability and a precise time synchronization of different sensor and amplifier technologies across long distances. Remote access to the DAQ systems is mandatory for updates and configuration changes, alarming, status information and data transfer, including a cloud-based visualization and long-term data storage. 


In this 30-minute webinar, you will:

  • Advance your knowledge in the field of stuctural health monitoring
  • Learn more about continuous measurement tools and how to generate reliable data with DAQ systems



Dietmar Maicz

Product Manager at HBM


[email protected]

Printing Materials

Challenges in Data Management in Structural Health Management (pdf)