Building sensors based on strain gauge technology

Date & Time

 Thursday, February 20, 2020      10:00 AM CET       English

This webinar will give you a short introduction to strain gauge based sensors. After introducing the general principle of operation and its possibilities, this webinar will put you in the position to identify and qualify the right strain gage for your application. The focus will be on the strain gage as the core technology. Measuring bodies, electronics and connection techniques will only be touched or not covered.

This webinar shows how to select the right strain gauges and accessories

  • Brief introduction to strain gages in sensor construction
  • Which measuring grid foil makes sense for my application?
  • Learn how to control the creep of your sensor with proper selection of the creep adjustment
  • What possibilities are there to compensate for temperature-related measurement errors?


Malte Grieme

Product Manager OEM Strain Gauges


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Building sensors based on strain gauge technology

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