GN310B: Best in Class Accuracy for Power Measurements in Electric Drives

The GN310B power analyzer card offers three electrical and one mechanical power channel.
With its 2 MS/[email protected] bit sampling it is designed for efficiency measurements in inverter driven electric drive systems. Thus, the main feature is its best in class power accuracy of 0.015% of reading + 0.02% of range.

Digital cycle detection and up to 2000 power calculations per second allows accurate measurement also in dynamic load changes like RUN UP tests or automotive WLTP testing.

Extensive real time analysis functions are available, ranging from simple RMS, True power and Efficiency to space vector and dq0 transformation.
For traceability of results, all formulas are public, and all results can be verified.In addition, user formulas can be entered and are executed in real time as well.

Multiple cards can be combined in a mainframe to grow to as many as 51 power channels and 6 mechanical power channels in a single mainframe. The mainframe can also be equipped with other input cards to allow simultaneous CAN bus, temperature and NVH measurements.

The Genesis HighSpeed mainframes allow all raw data to be stored at full sample rate and in real time, so no limited storage or delay for downloading. Stored data can be reanalysed using the Perception ePower software suite or transferred to other software like MATLAB. All calculated results can be transferred to automation systems in real time using mainframe options like EtherCAT, CAN or a software API.


High Performance

  • Power Accuracy 0.015%+0.02%
  • Torque/speed accuracy 0.005%
  • 2 MS/s sample rate
  • Build in burden resistors
  • +/- 1500 V DC input
  • 1000 V CAT IV protection
  • Digital cycle detection for dynamic measurements

High Performance - best in class accuracy

Extensive Analysis

  • All standard calculations like RMS, Fundamental, P, S, Q, cosPhi, Lambda, Losses, Efficiencies, Harmonics
  • Simultaneous fundamental and full bandwidth analysis
  • Multiple fundamental frequencies
  • Simultaneous dynamic and averaged torque and speed for torque ripple analysis

Extensive Analysis – even in dynamic load changes

….and more

  • Real time space vector and dq0 transformation
  • User formulas for specific calculation
  • Real time raw data storage in mainframe
  • 5 kV probe for marine/rail/aerospace applications
  • Card comes with extensive power calibration protocol

High end features – for drive calibration and optimization