GN311B: High Accuracy Power Measurements in Electrical Grids

The GN311B power analyzer card offers three electrical power channels, and also one mechanical power channel.
With its 200 kS/[email protected] bit sampling it is designed for all tests in grid connected systems or the grid itself.
And with 1000 V AC rms inputs it can be connected directly to three phase grids still offering enough input range reserve for peaks to be acquired.

To offer maximum user and instrument safety, the card complies to Overvoltage category 1000 V CAT IV and is tested with a non-destructive voltage of 2200 V rms for one minute and 8250 V rms for 5 seconds.

The card offers a high accuracy better 0.02% of reading + 0.02% of range at 50 Hz.

Extensive real time analysis functions are available, ranging from simple RMS, fundamental RMS, True power, cos Phi to THD and Harmonic calculation. And you can trigger on each and every computed result to catch this “once in a lifetime” event if needed. GPS time synchronization is available if the system is to be used in unattended triggered fault recording, to log the time of the event with µs accuracy.

Different Packages for Different Needs

The card can be used in a GEN2tB 3 or 6 channel configuration together with the HBM POWER METER app. This allows accessing the POWER METER with any browser, even from your mobile phone, showing the computed results.

Or it is used in the same or an even larger mainframe with powerful Perception ePower suite, if more real time displays like scope and FFTs, raw data storage or post process analysis features are required.

High Performance

  • Power Accuracy 0.02 of reading + 0.02 of range at 50/60 Hz
  • 200 kS/s sample rate
  • Direct inputs for current clamps or Rogowski coils
  • 1000 V rms input
  • 1000 V CAT IV protection
  • Trigger on calculated results like True Power or a single Harmonic

High Performance - for grid related applications

Extensive Display and Analysis

  • All standard calculations like RMS, Fundamental, Frequency, P, S, Q, cosPhi, THD
  • Real time Scope and FFT display
  • Multi phase polar diagram
  • Symmetrical components
  • Post process Harmonic Analysis

Extensive analysis functions - for power quality related tasks

… and more

  • User formulas for specific calculations like Unbalance
  • POWER METER app for operation with any browser on any device
  • Perception ePower suite for real time displays, raw data storage and extensive analysis
  • Card comes with extensive power calibration protocol

Power meter or Analyzer – choose the right software for your needs

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