Optimize Vehicle Testing - Linking ECU Calibration and Diagnostics with Physical Sensor Data Simultaneously Using XCP-on-Ethernet

Date & Time:

 Tuesday, November 17,  2020     

 5:00 PM CET | 10:00 AM CT |         11:00 AM ET


Functional software development for any vehicle is becoming more complex. Algorithms running on modern Electronic Control Units (ECU) need to be fine-tuned before released and maintained over time. 

Optimization software functionality starts in a simulated PC-based environment, but is still dominant in the real-world environments of a test bench or on track. Adding more sensor data helps to better understand the overall physics as well increase the overall efficiency from idea to software freeze.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Identify the challenges in automotive development
  • Review the typical workflow in software development
  • Provide a live demonstration of the benefit of integrating any sensor into the decision and data fusion
  • Demonstrate the integration of the QuantumX data acquisition solution via standardized XCP-on-Ethernet protocol in an easy into any Measurement, Calibration and Diagnostics (MCD) setup

Ravi Shukla

HBK Business Development Manager


[email protected]

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Optimize Vehicle Testing using XCP-on-Ethernet

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