Online Seminar (with costs): Perception V8 ePowerSuite Online Seminar (with costs): Perception V8 ePowerSuite | HBM

Online-Seminar: Perception V8 ePowerSuite - Solution for Optimized Testing of Electric Drives


 3 hours online training (2x)


  from your PC


  Level: Starter


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Take advantage of the full functionality of the HBK ePowerSuite testing system within the new Perception version 8 for power analysis and measurement, data acquisition and analysis on electric drives and inverters. This seminar puts you in a position to use the system quickly and safely in all its applications.

Day 1

Day 2

GEN DAQ and eDrive Testing system overview

• Hardware performance

• General informations about Perception V8 ePowerSuite

Test bench configuration

• Connecting sensors to the measurement system

• Selection an ePower Application

• Assign sensors

• Select ranges, sample rates, filter

Acquisition of raw data

• Have all signals been acquired properly?

• Where´s the data saved?

• Save a configuration

Sensor database

• Sensor database structure

• Set up new sensors

Basics of power calculation within perception

• Power calculation based on cycle detection

• Realization within Perception

• Verification of real-time calculations

Post Process and RT-Formula editor

• Creating individual formulas


How can data be displayed?

• Displays, Meters, Phasor Display and Sopes

• Analysis tools within displays

Motor Mapping

• Acquisition setup for motor mapping

• Configuration of a logfile and motor map




Your HBK Academy Plus:
During the seminar we integrate – even online quite practically - a sample test bench into the software. Thus, you already have a first practical experience for the further development of your individual test application.


Target group:
Starter and users of Perception versions 7.xx eDrive users who like to update their systems to Perception version 8.
New users of HBM Perception V8 ePower Suite

Prior knowledge:

Not required. 

Available seminar data (please note: this is a seminar for which we charge a fee!)

    Not needed in Italian


Start and End Time:
08:30 – 12:00 New York (ET)
14:30 – 18:00 Berlin (CET/CEST)




2 consecutive days / 3,5 hours parts
(with a scheduled break in between!)

Price: 578 EUR exclusive VAT / $720 USD



Individual support

Our Academy team is happy to assist!
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