Battery Pack Test & Measurement Webinar Series Battery Pack Test & Measurement Webinar Series

Solutions for High Voltage Battery Measurement, Testing and Data Validation in Electric Vehicles

Our speakers: Dr. Andrew Halfpenny, Brian Zielinski-Smith, Thomas Kleckers, Christof Salcher, and Alexander Stock

Battery Testing Webinars – Recordings:

Understanding and Improving Performance, Durability and Reliability


  22 June        4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

In this webinar, we present a short overview of seven aspects of innovation. Over the next weeks, each aspect is covered in greater depth in order to understand how the range and efficiency of vehicles can be improved, and how the risk exposure from relentless vehicle innovation can be managed.

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Mechanical and Durability Aspects of Electric Vehicles


  24 June      4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

This session covers reduced battery degradation, vibration and thermal loads, chassis and structural vehicle loads, more representative vibration tests, and lighter, more durable vehicles.

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Performance and Efficiency Aspects of Electric Vehicles


  29 June      4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

In this session, learn about the performance and efficiency aspects of electric vehicles. Highlights will include better vehicle range, accuracy, and an understanding of real customer use.

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Statistical and Reliability Aspects of Electric Vehicles


  1 July       4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

In this webinar the focus will be on reduced risk and warranty exposure, modelling and reducing battery degradation, and using FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) to reduce risk, build brand image, and store corporate knowledge.

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Physical Testing – Battery Structural Durability and Integrity


  6 July       4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

Structural durability testing of high-voltage (HV) batteries is an is an essential step towards ensuring reliable operation over lifetime. Learn about:

  • Structural durability workflow – from virtual to road and lab
  • Flexible instrumentation

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Short-circuit Testing of High-Performance Batteries


  8 July        4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

Current sensors used to qualify the circuit breakers and fuses of high-power traction batteries must measure currents in the range of a few amperes and kiloamperes. Learn about:

  • Nonlinear current sensors (NLCS) 
  • Measurement and analysis with Genesis HighSpeed

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Physical Single Cell Testing (Pressure Analysis)


  13 July        4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

This session focusses on force measurements on battery cells as a tool to understand aging and physical processes with charging and discharging processes. Learn about:

  • Test setup for mechanical cell tests
  • What the typical influences on the test results are?
  • Requirements for the test equipment
  • How to estimate the uncertainty of a force measurement for this kind of tests

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Vibration Testing Live Batteries During Charge/Discharge Cycling


  20 July      4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

Vibration testing batteries, especially during charge and discharge cycles, help evaluate the effects of long-term vibration profiles on the battery, in terms of durability and identification of design flaws. Learn about: 

  • Core requirements for vibration testing batteries
  • How to overcome key issues
  • How results affect battery and vibrator design

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Physical Testing – Battery Performance and Thermal Integrity


  27 July      4 PM CEST | 10 AM EST

Performance, efficiency, and thermal integrity are key parameters for designing battery packs for electric vehicles. Thermal management of batteries is crucial. Learn about:

  • Thermal validation workflow – from virtual to physical testing
  • Safe and flexible instrumentation measuring voltage, current, temperature, flow, pressure, strain and any other quantity

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