Perception Version 8.0

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Completely Redesigned Acquisition Menu

  • The new acquisition setup menu gives you a great overview over all acquisition related settings in one menu

  • New settings enabled: Store computed results only,...

  • New acquisition modes:

    • On start of acquisition

    • On start of acquisition reduced rate and high sample rate to trigger memory

    • Wait for trigger

    • Wait for trigger high sample rate to trigger memory

Recordings Setup Made Easy

A new, centralized recording setup with new features and intuitive settings:

  • Flexible storage options like storage per group, storage for full / reduced rates and for RT-FDB results only

  • With the new acquisition setup menue you can start and stop record on various conditions like trigger input, CAN or API

  • New Arm Trigger: Triggers can be suppressed until armed. Arm signal can be generated via RT-FDB, CAN bus, API or TTL input. 
    So, triggers can be suppressed until measurement conditions are met. Arm signal can be generated via RT-FDB, CAN bus, API or TTL input

ePower Suite

The ePower Suite will ease your test configuration

  • Multiple ePower sheets are generated automatically with all required formulas

  • Setup and Live view are aligned in a single sheet to maximize your efficiency

  • Chose from different pre-configured test-setup or create your indivial setup

Mapping custom configurations

  • Example configuration representing a four wheel, dual eMotor drive concept
  • Almost no limit for your individual configuration
  • You can select which components are tested and which efficiencies need to be analyzed in your individual test setup

Perception Keys

Perception Keys are a powerful feature to fully customize actions or sequences. This will help you to be more efficient while working with Perception.

  • Always present & predefined user keys

  • Part of the default settings

  • Perception Keys can be customized and new ones can be created, so that Perception adapts to your workflow

Phasor Display

This new Perception component will help you to analyze the voltages and currents in your system under test

  • Used to visualize the amplitude and phase relations in 3-phase systems. In addition. It can be used for more than three phases or other entities, depending on your test setup and needs.

  • The Phasor display can be implemented automatically in Perceptions ePower suite