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Better products reduce time to market

Modern measurement technology provides more than "just" test results: It is prerequisite to economic success.

Requirements on up to date production and development become increasingly demanding: On the one hand, it is essential to consistently accelerate the time to market to be able to withstand the market pressure to innovate. On the other hand, your customers expect top quality already from newly developed products. And last but not least, costs need to be kept under control. How can these partly diverging requirements be met?

HBM is your competent partner for optimizing the complete product life cycle. We provide test equipment and analysis tools that offer far more than "just" measured data - moreover, our products are the basis for faster and more efficient and enduring success of your products in the market.

Proven technology, groundbreaking innovation

For over 60 years, the name HBM stands for reliability, precision and innovation all over the world. Strain gages, transducers, data acquisition systems and software: Tens of thousands of users worldwide benefit from test results they can trust thanks to the perfectly matched components of HBM's complete measurement chain from a single source.

And, in addition: HBM has focused on the development of new products - for example the award-winning QuantumX amplifier system - for increased efficiency and reliability in test and measurement. For reduced time to market, for more success in the market.

nCode, SoMat, Genesis HighSpeed: Perfect solutions covering the complete product life cycle

With nCode, SoMat and Genesis HighSpeed (formerly LDS Nicolet), HBM is now able to provide solutions that optimally support you during the complete product life cycle:

  • Design and Optimize: nCode's worldwide leading analysis software supports you already when making "virtual tests" at the stage of product development. This saves valuable time already during the design phase of your product.
  • Test and Verify: Test and verification are indispensable prior to production and introduction of a product - to ensure high customer satisfaction, compliance with ISO9001 requirements and optimal product quality. HBM has supported you all times providing transducers, electronics and software from a single source. Now we also offer high-speed data acquisition systems with extremely high sampling rates of the Genesis HighSpeed line (formerly LDS Nicolet) and mobile, rugged data acquisition units from SoMat.
  • Manufacture and Operate: HBM also provides top measurement technology to support you in your production line - to ensure 100% quality in production, for optimal results.

Right now the new foundations for the economy of the future are laid. Who will be able to offer highly efficient, innovative products for better climate protection? Who will be able to exactly comply with customer requirements, even in times of global change? What are the key innovations that will affect our thinking and acting?

HBM: The innovation accelerator

Modern measurement technology is an "innovation accelerator", a motor that expedites "product-to-market" times, for more success in the market. HBM takes this responsibility seriously and stands for reliable high quality in the future too - your "innovation accelerator" from the product idea through to production.