Thank you for your interest in nCode GlyphXE

nCode GlyphXE analysis software is no longer offered.

We recommend: Opt for nCode GlyphWorks software - also offered by HBM - for professional analysis of your measurement data. All GlyphXE functions and much more - provided by the worldwide leading software for professional measurement data analysis and virtual fatigue and stress testing:

  • Extensive analysis functions - powerful and easy to use for both experts and occasional users
  • Increased efficiency in your product development through faster and more realistic durability tests
  • Improved correlation using test and CAE data in one environment
  • 'One-click' generation of results and reports.

Learn more about nCode GlyphWorks.

Do you possess a GlyphXE license? We look forward to providing you a quote for upgrading to nCode GlyphWorks.

nCode GlyphWorks

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