Experimental stress analysis helps you to optimize the materials usage of your products, to analyze your production processes or to define efficient maintenance intervals.

HBM offers you:

  • Competent advice to help you choose measuring equipment and measurement methods
  • Strain-gage application
  • Sensor mounting for all required measurands
  • Cabling and connection of all measuring equipment to the amplifier
  • Recording and storage of measured values
  • Processing and analysis of measurement data

Experimental analysis of residual stresses using the hole-drilling method

Residual stresses are mechanical stresses that act on a material without the influence of external forces. They are caused, for example, by thermal cooling or curing processes.

HBM offers you:

  • Selection of suitable measuring points: after analyzing the structure to be inspected, our service engineers work together with the employer to define critical areas and decide on the number and position of the measuring points.
  • Accomplishment of the measurement using strain gages, special drilling machines and software
  • Analysis of measurement data: after the measurement data has been analyzed, you will receive extensive documentation of the results, which you can use to optimize your development, production and quality control processes
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