Upcoming Webinars

HBM offers free live and recorded webinars presented by our industry experts, covering a wide range of topics. Our webinars are available at different times around the world - register now for these webinars during a time that best fits your schedule. We look forward to seeing you online. 

Structural Health Monitoring Using Optical Technology

  Monday, July 20, 2020       10:00 AM ET / 4:00 PM CET         English

This webinar will discuss the common challenges of structural monitoring systems and the advantages of using optical technology.

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Measuring Power Losses in Electric Motors and Inverters

  Tuesday,  July 21, 2020       3:00 PM CET        English

  Tuesday,  July 21, 2020       2:00 PM ET            English

In this webinar, we will review the basic sources of losses in electric machines and how to measure them.

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Rugged, Unattended Vehicle Testing

  Wednesday,  July 22, 2020       3:00 PM CET          English

  Wednesday,  July 22, 2020       2:00 PM ET           English

This webinar will discuss how to conduct rugged, unattended vehicle testing using data acquisition software while integrating additional measuring sources, such as vehicle bus data via CAN or CAN FD and more. 

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Choosing the right force sensor

  Thursday,  July 23, 2020       10:00 AM CET        English

This webinar will provide an overview on force sensors along with relevant selection criteria.

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Webinars by Brüel & Kjær (part of HBK)

Matron User: Introduction and Advice

  Tuesday, July 14, 2020       11:00 AM CET       online

Advice for users on setting up the equipment, understanding measurement settings, downloading to pc and listening to sound recordings on noise nuisance measurements.

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Additional Webinars by HBM Prenscia

HBM Prenscia webinars delivered by nCode and ReliaSoft experts.

Webinars on demand

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