Rising dough – falling costs: Cost-effective automation systems for manufacturers of bakery machinery

The ever-widening range of cakes, bread and pastries available from bakeries means that demands are being placed upon manufacturers of bakery machinery and that they are looking to reduce the cost of the bakery process and to design production runs as reasonably as possible.

Therefore, cost-effective automation systems are increasingly being used in production equipment such as those supplied by Nord Servis s.r.o., a manufacturer and re-conditioner of bakery machinery.

The necessary weighing machines are integrated directly into the equipment. A simple installation can typically be achieved with the aid of HBM’s RM4220 electronics and PW15 single point load cell.

Here the standardized 4 -20mA output from the electronics is connected directly to an existing Mitsubishi PLC where the measurement signals are further processed. This cost-effective automation solution is also suitable for use in existing equipment.

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