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The Route to Measurement Transducers: The Reference Book from HBM for you to Download

Strain gauges have proven their value in the electrical measurement of mechanical quantities and play a fundamental role in the design of various transducers for force, pressure, or torque as well as load cells. Besides purchasing finished products, you can also design and build your own transducers. If there are any special requirements, this not only makes sense but is also more cost-effective than looking for a suitable standard product.

Our reference book “The Route to Measurement Transducers” provides a comprehensive overview of what is important in transducer design. 84 pages of clear descriptions and illustrative graphics show everything you need to consider when selecting, installing, and connecting spring elements and strain gauges. Further aspects include protecting the strain gauge installation and tips for achieving more precise measurement results through suitable means of compensation and protection. 

HBM, as a manufacturer of both high-precision transducers and high-grade strain gauges, is able to provide you with comprehensive information that highlights all the key aspects of transducer design. Benefit from our knowledge and download the book as a free PDF. 


  • Designing the spring element
  • Selecting the right strain gauge
  • Installing the strain gauge
  • Connecting the strain gauge (wiring diagram, materials)
  • Balancing and compensating measures and resistors 
  • Protecting the strain gauge installation

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