What's new in Perception 6.30?

You too can benefit from high usability thanks to time-saving new functions! Perception 6.30 offers many new features:

  • Sensor data base for convenient configuration of measurement channels
  • Data storage independent of the PC through utilization of the iSCSI protocol
  • Formula Wizard – a kind of 'error check': Select the desired mode of calculation and check on-line whether the result is valid.
  • Cycle-based algorithms
  • TEDS
  • New languages available: Portuguese, Russian and Korean

Sensor data base

The sensor database provides users with two essential functions:

  • "Drag and Drop" enables a measurement channel to be conveniently set up: Select the sensor from the so-called Sensor Navigator and drag it onto the corresponding channel - done. All required amplifier settings are made automatically.
  • The sensor you use has not yet been stored in the sensor database? Not a problem, thanks to the so-called 'Sensor Sheet'. With only a few mouse clicks you can create new sensors that are then permanently available via the Sensor Navigator. Our tip: Save your sensor's calibration data too. Thus you'll never miss a date for upcoming re-calibrations.

Data storage independent of the PC

Utilization of the iSCSI protocol enables users to benefit from the advantages of data storage that is independent of the PC. The storage medium (NAS) can be located very close to the GEN DAQ system or even at distances of up to 10 km. Both units are connected via Ethernet to enable data storage - connection to a PC is not required. The secure solution for storage of critical measurement data: The NAS can be removed from the measuring point after the measurement and kept in a secure place. Increased flexibility and maximum security are guaranteed.

Formula Wizard

Select the desired mode of calculation and check on-line whether the result is plausible. The 'Function Creator' also called 'Formula Wizard' provides two essential functions that substantially increases usability:

  • The wizard guides you through the creation of a new formula (calculation). The desired mode of calculation can be selected from a list. Subsequently a query is run to determine the origin of the input quantities required for the calculation.
  • Use the 'Pre-View' function to see the result of your calculation at at glance. Cumbersome switching between input mode and result visualization is a thing of the past.

Cycle-based algorithms

The new cycle-based algorithms provide users with many options for analysis of periodic signals - from cycle detection through cycle counting to calculation of the root mean square value per cycle.


Perception now supports automatic reading of TEDS sensor information provided that it is supported by the hardware (GEN DAQ board). This is currently true for the so-called 16- and 32-channel boards.

New languages available: Portuguese, Russian and Korean

Perception version 6.30 supports a total of eight languages. In addition to English, German, French, Chinese and Japanese, Korean, Russian and Portuguese have now been implemented as well. All languages are already pre-installed.  The desired language can be selected from the 'Preference Settings' menu. There is no need to reinstall Perception.

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