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チャンネル1と3: 周波数計測
チャンネル2と4: 周波数(デジタル/誘導)、カウンタ、エンコーダ、SSI、PWM(TMCプロトコルは公開予定)


  • トルクまたは回転数計測(回転方向の検出なし)用のトルクフランジ(T10、T12、T40) 最大4台接続可能
  • または、回転速度と回転角度(回転方向の検出付き)用の同期計測チャネル2個
  • または、回転速度、回転角度、基準信号認識用の同期計測チャネル1個
  • または、角度/加算器用のエンコーダ、SSI、PWMセンサ、磁気センサまたはパルスカウンタからそれぞれ2個
  • または、最大2MHzまでの周波数計測用チャンネル4個


Product Literature

PMX - Caractéristiques techniques French
PMX - Data Sheet English
PMX - Datenblatt German
PMX - Folha de dados Portuguese
PMX - Hoja de características Spanish
PMX - Prospetto dati Italian
PMX - データシート Japanese
PMX - 數據表 Chinese
PMX - Технический паспорт Russian
PMX - 데이터 시트 Korean
PMX - Brochure English
PMX - Brochure French
PMX - Broschüre German
PMX - Folheto Portuguese
PMX - Folleto Spanish
PMX - Opuscolo Italian
PMX - ブローシャー Japanese
PMX - 小冊 Chinese
PMX - брошюра Russian
PMX - 브로셔 Korean
Smart Measurement Technology for Smart Factories - Brochure English
Smarte Messtechnik für die Smart Factory - Broschüre German
HBM Common API - User Manual English
HBM LabVIEW Driver - User Manual English
PMX - Bedienungsanleitung German
PMX - Operating Manual English
PMX - Quick Start Guide English, German
PMX - Safety Instructions French, German, English
PMX - Ethernet/IP-Certificate English
PMX - ProfiNet-Certificate English
Declaration of Conformity
1-KAB, K-KAB (cable)- 適合宣言 多言語
PMX - EU Declaration of Conformity 多言語
PMX - Product-Type Pattern Approval Russia Russian
Tech Notes
PMX Tech Notes

This is a collection of technical application reports for typical requirements around PMX. They show a step-by-step solution up to the running project in PMX.
Available languages: German, English and French.

  • PMX with Codesys and Codesys WebVisualisation
  • PMX as CANmaster and CANslave (read/write CAN messages)
  • PMX with IEPE-sensors, T40 or T210 torque-sensors, Piezoelectrical-sensors
  • Read sensor signals via CAN, e.g. torque/speed (T12), temperature, climate
  • PMX with calculated channels:
    • Event-counter, X-borders, tolerance-band, tolerance-windows, result-force
    • Mechanical work, stress-analysis
    • Combined trigger output
    • 6x6 Matrix-compensation (noise reduction for Multi-Component sensors)
    • PID-regulator, PT100-measurement
    • Torsional Vibration with T40/T12/T10 and CASMA-filter
  • PMX integration in a PC-network (Windows or Linux)
    • Using the PMX dotNET-API
    • Using the PMX command-set under LabView
    • Using PMX together with catman for DAQ and Cloud and PowerBI applications
  • PMX integration in an automation-network
    • EtherCat and TwinCAT(Beckhoff)
    • ProfiNet (Isonchronus-Real-Time (IRT) and Simatic-manager (TIA-portal, Siemens)
    • Ethernet/IP and RSLogix (Rockwell Automation)
  • PMX NTP-synchronisation with QuantumX
  • PMX with internal Dats-Storage or on USB-Stick
  • PMX with internal Object-Dictionary and device-to-device communication

Legal notice: The examples given are intended to illustrate the solution and integration into PMX.
The examples do not imply any warranty or guarantee.

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