High-speed data acquisition for test bench applications

The new data acquisition device GEN3t in the Genesis Highspeed family produced by HBM Test and Measurement is available as a portable or, optionally, as a control cabinet version.

The development of this data acquisition device is due to the demand for a small, easily mounted system for test bench applications, typically for electric motors, inverters and generators. It offer three slots for input cards, up to 96 channels and 50 MS/s continuous data transfer to a suitable control PC. On request, the device can also include an integrated Solid State Disk (SSD), enabling data rates of up to 100 MS/s. In order to significantly increase the number of available slots, the GEN3t can also be very easily synchronized with other basic devices in the Genesis Highspeed family.

This ensures great flexibility in the selection of a suitable basic device for data acquisition at high speeds.

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