Compact piezoelectric force sensor with high sensitivity and a wide temperature range


Precise measurements of especially small forces in a given measurement environment place high requirements on force transducers. HBM is responding to these demands with the development of the new CFT-25 kN force transducer. The gallium phosphate used to manufacture the force transducer produces twice as high an output signal for the same measurement load in comparison to quartz, the standard material on the market. This makes it possible to measure extremely small forces reliably. The effect of drift, often seen as an annoying effect, is also cut in half for precise results. These properties are useful in key and switch tests, for example, or in welding force monitoring.

Customers who expose their products to extreme climatic conditions such as sealing and reshaping processes and component tests will benefit from the wide temperature range from -40°C to +120°C. Just 26 mm high and with a diameter of 20 mm, this force transducer can easily be integrated into many different applications. The mechanical connection is designed with the user in mind as a flange screw connection, while the electrical connection is a standard microdot plug.

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