The GEN7tA from HBM for very fast measurements

High-speed data acquisition with a streaming rate of 400 MB/s

With the GEN7tA, HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) offers one of the fastest data acquisition systems and transient recorders of its kind, and thus a solution for measurements that are both continuous and extremely fast.

The new device covers the need for continuous high-speed measurements at a streaming rate of 400 MB/s and also provides a high number of channels. With seven slots for data acquisition cards and up to 224 channels in one device, there are numerous possibilities: individual configurations, connecting strain gauges (SG), direct measurements of voltage signals up to ±1000 V or even extremely fast measurements with 100 million measured values per second and channel.

There are also three connections for digital inputs, timers/counters, which can be used for example to connect up to six torque transducers for acquiring torque and rotational speed. The GEN7tA is designed for easy integration into a 19-inch rack, a very useful feature for test bench applications.

To ensure a high level of data security with local storage on the device, a removable SSD is available on request which can reach data transmission rates of 350 MB/s. The number of available channels of the GEN7tA can be extended simply by synchronizing it with other basic devices of the Genesis HighSpeed family.

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