Rugged measurement technology for more efficient vehicle tests

SomatXR from HBM combines especially rugged measurement technology with a web-based user interface for reliably and efficiently recording and analyzing vehicle development tests in harsh environments.

Testing overhead in the development of any kind of vehicle is enormous. The industry therefore sets high requirements for the relevant measurement technology. Rugged, flexible devices offering availability and a variety of analysis options are very much in demand. HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) developed SomatXR with its modules – from measuring amplifier to data recorder and also a web-based user interface – to provide a comprehensive data acquisition system for more efficient and productive vehicle tests.

All modules can be adapted individually for the required measurement tasks and they are specially designed for harsh conditions. The operating range extends from -40 ˚C to +80˚C. SomatXR is resistant to rapid temperature fluctuations and is protected against contact, dust and water in conformity with IP65. The device offers high shock and vibration resistance, meeting the requirements of military standard MIL 202g.

SomatXR also increases the number of vehicle tests and thereby their efficiency and productivity within the previous time window because the rugged design of the measurement technology ensures a low failure rate and individual flexibility. A wide range of testing and measurement tasks can be configured, visualized and recorded with the user interface from anywhere, using any internet-capable device. SomatXR modules can also be combined with the QuantumX DAQ family.

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