Digital torque and rotational speed measurements with accuracy class up to 0.01

The QuantumX MX460B digital pulse and frequency amplifier from HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) enables dynamic, reliable torque and rotational speed measurements that respond to the varying requirements of different drives.

The same can be said of combustion engines and electric or hybrid drives: The growing number of modern drives demands flexible and reliable test-bench measurement technology. The MX460B 4-channel digital pulse and frequency module, part of HBM's QuantumX measuring amplifier system, works dynamically and precisely to acquire torque, rotational speed, angle, position and displacement.

Changes in measurement values with a maximum bandwidth of 40 kHz can be analyzed without difficulty in the high accuracy class of up to 0.01. The module resolves digital frequency signals for torque and rotational speed by interpolating and extrapolating at data rates of 100 kS/s per measurement channel, thereby ensuring a loss-free digital measuring chain.

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