Pre-coating of Strain Gauges with an Adhesive Pre-coating of Strain Gauges with an Adhesive | HBM

Stick-on: A Convenient and Time-saving Option

With the “stick-on” option, your strain gauges come already pre-coated with adhesive. You do not need any additional adhesive to install the strain gauge on your measuring body. All HBM strain gauges are available pre-coated with phenolic resin-based P250 adhesive.


  • Save one process step: the application of the adhesive
  • Optimize adhesive consumption
  • No post-curing needed

Save time and material


  • Optimally adapted amount of adhesive on the strain gauge
  • Thin and evenly distributed layer of adhesive on the strain gauge
  • Minimize output signal scattering

Your transducers offer more consistent and enhanced quality


  • Guaranteed shelf life of one year
  • Dry adhesive, facilitating easy handling
  • No additional costs for storage of adhesive

Avoid contact with toxic/irritant chemicals


Easy Handling

After preparing the surface of the transducer, the rest is simple:

  1. Position the strain gauge
  2. Fix the strain gauge with a piece of tape
  3. Clamping and curing according to instruction manual

Silicone Rubber

To cure the adhesive, it is necessary to apply pressure to the measuring point. Silicone mats are inserted to ensure that the pressure, which is applied with a pressure device, is distributed evenly.

These are included with the purchase of the adhesives and can be reordered. Strain gauges already coated with adhesive are delivered without silicone mats. These can be purchased separately.


Documents & Downloads

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P250 Stick-on - User Manual English, German, French
P250 Stick-on - Safety instructions 多言語
Declaration of Conformity
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