Fresh ideas for your weighing tasks.

Visit HBM's stand at FoodTech 2016 - there's always something healthy to snack for you during a long visit on the exhibition. 

And there are a lot of refreshing ideas to get how to improve your packaging machines with state-of-the-art load cells from HBM. Load cells, which can make the difference: Compact, but precise. Ready to use with perfect prices. How about:

Reduced cleaning time?

With HBM hygienic load cells a reduced cleaning time of 29% can be assured.

Ready for Track & Trace?

We offer solutions supporting you in tracking every piece of your packaging. 

Load cells easy to implement?

Digital load cells easy to implement into your checkweighers and filling machines.

The perfect weigh(t) with HBM

Filling, sorting, checkweighing with HBM load cells: See all benefits live on our stand at FoodTech

For filling, dispensing or grading of food there is in the weight determination is only one solution: Load cells from HBM. Compact sensors, which are easy to clean. Rely on the most reliable and cost-efficient solution available on the market!

  • Cost-efficient analog solutions with intelligent A/D sampling
  • Specialized digital load cells
  • Free PanelX software for easy setup and administration

Discover our solutions in stand J7356 at FoodTech 2016!

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HBM for the food industry:

Hygienic Load Cells:

Assuring 29% reduction in cleaning time (as proven in the ECODHYBAT research project)

Digital load cells optimized for checkweighing and filling applications:
Easy to implement into your machines

Ready for Track & Trace:
For pharmaceuticals soon mandatory, for the food industry the next big trend: HBM load cells are already prepared for track and trace applications.

A couple of our favorites at FoodTech 2016:

Image above: PW27 aseptic load cell is “immune” to dirt and particularly easy to clean. Certified by EHEDG.
Image above: PAD transducer electronics for fast and easy digital acquisition and visualization of the measured values provided by the PW27 load cell.