Webinar: Smart Technologies for Mobile Vehicle Testing

Date & Time:

Thursday, November 23, 2017 at 10 am (CET Berlin)


Mobile data aquisition requires a high degree of flexibility and functionality of data acquisition systems and software.

In this 30-Minute webinar, you will learn...

  • ...which DAQ topologies are used in which vehicles.
  • ...how analog and digital signals such as fieldbuses, GPS data and videos can be recorded synchronously.
  • ...how new technologies can make the workflow easier by performing a test monitoring far away from the measuring point.


Other time zones November 23, 2017:

9am GMT (London)

5pm SGT (Singapore)

7am BRT (Brazil)

1.30pm IST (New Delhi)


Smart technologies for mobile testing – 23 Nov. 17


Your webinar hosts:

Thomas Markwitz

Product Manager Test & Measurement Software at HBM



Finn Lange

Product Manager for ultra-rugged data acquisition systems at HBM