FS42PI Portable BraggMETER: Compact Optical Interrogator with Embedded Software

The most effective way of supporting the installation of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors on field or for short measurement tasks on laboratory applications.

The FS42PI Portable BraggMETER runs on batteries or plugged to an external power source and is supplied with an easily removable bag for protection and transport. This is a unique and unparalleled solution that allows accurate measurements of FBG on field without the need for external power supply or PC and that is easy to carry.

Its dedicated embedded software and touch screen interface provide an easy and effective way to control the unit without any further devices. It is also possible to control the unit remotely  and stream data in real time via the Ethernet port using SCPI commands.


    What is new?

    • Has Smart Peak Detection (SPD)
    • Better measurement stability and resolution (resolution <0.5pm; stability 1pm)
    • Increased battery life (2x the autonomy ensuring 5h of operation with a single battery charge)
    • Reduced weight (total weight around 6 kg corresponding to 20% reduction)
    • Increased temperature operating range (0ºC [32ºF] to 50ºC [122ºF] meaning a 40% wider temperature range)
    • Friendlier software, the BraggMONITOR PI
    • Removable connector panel for cleaning and maintenance
    • Carrying bag with zipper for easier handling
    • Windows10 IoT operating system
    • Remote operation via SCPI commands

    Other Features

    • 100nm wavelength measurement range
    • 1S/s acquisition rate
    • 4 optical connectors with parallel acquisition
    • Local data logging


    • Built in PC with software and touch screen interface
    • Rugged carrying case for easy transportation

    Optimized for field installation and commissioning of sensing networks


    • BraggMONITOR PI with full data logging capability
    • Easy operation for both experts and beginners

    Renewed data saving, managing and exporting, optical spectrum analysis and sensor configuration made easy


    • Up to 6h autonomy
    • Changeable batteries 
    • Optimized design

    Enhanced power management for longer periods of operation on field

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