Webinar: Recent Advancements in the Hole-Drilling Strain Gauge Residual Stress Method

This webinar was held on:

 Tuesday, November 19, 2019      14:00 CET       English

The hole-drilling strain-gage method is a cost-effective technique for residual stress measurements on different materials. The method is codified at world level by the ASTM E837-13 standard.

This webinar will introduce some recent and advanced techniques that can extend the method to non-standard applications; furthermore, these techniques can also guarantee a better accuracy in the stress calculation. Moreover, the introduction of a new approach for the evaluation of uncertainty offers an all-round solution for the entire measurement process.

  • Short overview of a typical residual stress measurement by mechanical methods
  • Recent upgrades to increase the fields of application of the hole drilling technique
  • Main sources of uncertainty of the method
  • Typical residual stress calculation and results


Alessio Benincasa

Sales and Product Manager at SINT Technology


[email protected]