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Pros and Cons of Electrical and Optical Strain Gauges in Offshore Wind Turbine Applications

This webinar was held on:

 Friday, February 21, 2020      02:00 PM CET       English

Understand the possibilities, and limitations, of different strain gauge types when used in the harsh environment of offshore wind turbine applications. This webinar covers sensor selection and installation and explains where the hidden costs are, for both design validation measurements, and long-term structural health monitoring. Learn how to avoid expensive mistakes in measurement system configurations for monopiles, jackets and gravity base structures. 

This webinar covers foundation measurement applications for offshore wind turbines.

  • A quick overview of the market;
  • Why accurate measurements matter;
  • The pros and cons of an electrical strain gauge system;
  • The pros and cons of an optical strain gauges system.


Richard Sargeant

Sales Manager


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