Measuring Torque Ripple and Noise and Vibration Measuring Torque Ripple and Noise and Vibration | HBM

Measuring Torque Ripple and Its Effects on Electric Power and Noise & Vibration


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In this webinar, Mitch and Ed, together, will present on measuring torque ripple and its effects on electric power and noise and vibration. The presentation will begin with Mitch Marks providing a brief introduction to torque ripple and cogging torque in electric machines. He will then discuss the impact of torque ripple on electric power. Lastly, Ed Green will present the implications of noise as a driver would perceive it in-vehicle.

The topics covered in the presentation will include:

  • Torque ripple background and measurement
  • Impact on electric power measurements
  • Correlation to noise and vibration

Mitch Marks

Business Development Manager - eDrive


[email protected]

Ed Green

Principal Staff Engineer –Sound and Vibration Engineering Services


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This webinar was presented and recorded as part of Charged EV's Virtual Conference on EV Engineering on September 2, 2020.