Structural Monitoring Systems for Civil Engineering

HBM offers you reliable solutions for short- or long-term monitoring systems to assess strain distribution and temperature, estimate convergence, calculate vibration, measure load, displacement, rotation and deflection in a wide range of civil structures. Over the last decades there has been an amazing boost in the number of civil engineering structures such as bridges or tunnels. The evolution and advancements in terms of materials and construction technologies as well as usage requirements for those structures have dictated the need for improved inspection and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) techniques. Advanced monitoring systems appear as a key asset throughout the entire structure life-cycle from design, construction and operation to rehabilitation or end of service life.

Metrô Tunnel - São Paulo/Brazil, 2011

Real-time assessment of tunnel deformation during operation while a neighboring building was being erected.

High Pressure Water Pipe - Kaunertal/Austria, 2015

Short-term monitoring upon loading and unloading of the pipe for structural behavior verification.

Cable Stayed Bridge - Aveiro/Portugal, 2006

Load tests on the structure for innovative design validation.

Centenary Tunnel - Lisbon/Portugal, 2009

Major monitoring system installed after rehabilitation for continuous structural integrity observation.

Improve Safety

Short-term or long-term measurements, load tests or continuous monitoring assessment can ensure the structural integrity of bridges, tunnels, water pipes or buildings.

Optimize Maintenance

Continuous assessment of the structure’s behavior can substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs by acting predictively rather than reactively. Also intervention time will be reduced if a structure is being monitored.

Increase Lifetime

Monitoring the various components and parameters of structures may extend their lifetime past their design life as well as accurately evaluate damage after structural faults maximizing the owner's gain and reducing the risk of operation.

Validate Innovative Designs

The instrumentation of bridges as well as other civil structures can also be a very useful tool to validate the performance of sophisticated construction methods and the usage of innovative materials.

Our Solution for Your Needs

From the sensing technology to the data acquisition and management, HBM can offer you the whole measurement chain for monitoring diverse civil engineering structures. With the capability of employing multiple technologies into true hybrid systems on the same interface, HBM has the solution that best fits your needs. MGCPlus, QuantumX and Optical Interrogators combined into one interface via catman® allow:

  • Full synchronization
  • Automated data acquisition with remote access
  • Structural health assessment online or by post processing
  • Intuitive graphical configuration
  • Triggered acquisitions
  • Alarm generation

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