Learn the Essentials of Measuring Strain with Optical Fiber Sensors

Strain Measurement with Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) Sensors are gaining increasing attention in the field of Experimental Stress Analysis.These sensors are very well suited to the new materials of glass and carbon fiber reinforced composites which are often used for highly stressed constructions, e.g. in airplanes and wind power plants.

This paper gives a short introduction to FBG sensors, pointing out their special strengths and weaknesses. It also describes a measuring system which enables strain gauges and FBGs to be measured simultaneously, providing all data processing functions originally developed for the strain gauges also for the FBG signals, like signal conditioning, rosette calculations, filtering, Fourier transformation, free definable mathematics etc.

Sensing of Surface Strain with Flexible Fiber Bragg Strain Gauges

You can also download the article: Sensing of Surface Strain with Flexible Fiber Bragg Strain Gauges, by Jochen Maul and Tobias Kipp.

In this article, a new class of flexible fiber-Bragg strain sensors together with related fiber-Bragg temperature compensation gauges is presented. The properties and merits of this strain sensing instrumentation are documented and its practicability is outlined.

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