Chinese banknote production meets exacting thickness standards with QuantumX monitoring

A banknote factory in Jiangsu Province has fitted HBM’s QuantumX as part of a quality control program to ensure consistent thickness throughout production. Banknotes have very high technical specifications making the thickness of the banknotes extremely important.

As part of the production process the pulp used to make the banknotes passes through a series of flow meters and flow valves. It takes only 10ms for the pulp to pass through a flow meter and any faults in the equipment make it impossible to maintain consistent quality control over the thickness.

The manufacturer had tried using standard instruments but these proved incapable of acquiring and isolating any abnormal signals so that faulty flow meters and valves frequently went undetected.

By fitting HBM’s QuantumX MX410 attached to sensors on the flow meters, any abnormal signals can be easily detected and quickly transmitted via Ethernet to HBM’s catman®AP data acquisition and analysis software. This enables the maintenance team to rapidly identify faulty equipment and the likely cause so that repairs can be carried out with minimum delay.

The QuantumX MX410 benefits from a very high sampling rate of 96 kHz/channel so that it can easily detect abnormal transient signals in equipment such as flow meters that is beyond the capability of standard processing control instruments.

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