Road load data acquisition: mobile data acquisition in the field

Vehicles and their components undergo numerous test runs from the first idea through to readiness for the start of production. From first "virtual load tests" only on the computer through tests in test stands and the "supreme discipline" of testing: mobile tests in the field (road load data acquisition).

The vehicles and components under test are subjected to real conditions of use, sometimes with extreme ambient and temperature conditions.

Mobile tests present specific challenges, in particular for measurement data acquisition: It is not enough just to provide the amplifiers with a rugged enclosure. It is essential also to take into account undesired influences on the measurement result such as extreme temperature variations. And, in addition: The test engineer should be able to access the measurement data in the field any time.

These ideas for next-generation mobile test and measuring equipment have been incorporated in HBM's SomatXR system which is outstanding for its ruggedness, high precision and maximum ease of use thanks to data transfer via the Internet.

Mobile Field Testing

The challenge: 

Increasing number of tests and shorter development times

The answer:

  • Efficient data recording technology
  • Web interfaces for remote control of measurements
  • One reliable system for all tasks
  • Easy setup to save time and reduce number of errors. 

The complete measurement chain for mobile field testing

Strain Gauges

Reliable measurement of physical quantities

Our strain gauges are best choice for reliably acquiring varios physical measurands. Especially optical strain gauges can withstand environmental influences if being used outdoors. 

Mobile Data Recorder

Ideal recording systems for mobile field testing

  • SomatXR is the ultra-rugged data acquisition systems for use in difficult environments
  • QuantumX is the universal data acquisition allowing maximum flexibility of use supporting dozens of different sensor technologies in use. 

Measurement Software

Immediate visualization and analysis of your measurement data

  • catman is the software for the professional visualization and analysis of your acquired measurement data
  • For fatigue and durability analysis you can rely on HBM's nCode GlyphWorks software.

Mobile measurement data acquisition with HBM – your advantages:

  • Reliable and continuous acquisition of numerous measurement variables with compact, sturdy and precise measuring amplifiers
  • Extremely high data reliability thanks to modern data loggers and data recorders – data transfer also possible via WLAN
  • Ultra-robust systems for reliable measurement data acquisition, even under the harshest ambient conditions. Your measurement systems can be used centrally or in a distributed arrangement
  • Professional software and services for numerous applications involving mobile measurement data acquisition

Videos on Mobile Field Testing


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