Webinar: Resonant Bending Fatigue Test on Pipes

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2016년 6월 17일 이후로 회원 가입 양식이 새롭게 바뀌었습니다.

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Pipes used in the offshore industry often fail prematurely when fatigued, especially at the joints. Therefore, it is essential to accurately predict the fatigue life of these structures.

In fatigue prediction, the most common methods of loading are axial, multi-point and rotating resonant bending. In a rotating resonant bending method, a pipe is excited in a water pressure environment and uses a rotating eccentric mass by altering its position, driven by a high power electric motor. This develops a stress that is spaced out in time. We will discuss the methods to capture measurements of strain, vibration and displacement with variation of water pressure under temperature cycles. We will also address the challenges of signal conditioning in such a setup and discuss how to combat them. In addition, we will also showcase the ease of software integration for both the controls as well as the data acquisition portion of this application.

This recorded webinar was originally presented on February 25, 2014.

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